ASVAB Tutoring
Pricing and Packages
Basic: $50 per hour​

Pay as you go, perfect for students who need just a little bit of help right before their exam

Bronze $45 per hour

Available with advance purchase of 5 hours or more. Deisgned for students who have mastered all the fundamentals and just need help applying them in the exam.

Silver: $42 per hour

Available with advance purchase of 10 hours or more. For students who have the basics but are still a ways off from their goal.

Gold: $35 per hour

Our most common package is available with advance purchase of 20 hours or more.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Scored PERFECT?

Scored Perfect is an online tutoring company that focuses on preparing students for college and graduate and entrance exams, including the GMAT (business school), LSAT (law school), GRE (Masters, Ph.D.), MCAT (medical school), ASVAB (armed forces), ACT & SAT (college). As our name suggests, we only hire tutors who can score perfect on the exams they teach.

What is a typical student experience?

Each student begins their Scored PERFECT experience with a free trial.  This is an essential first step that allows the student to see if they like their tutor. It also gives the tutor an opportunity to explore the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

After the free trial, a typical student will meet with their tutor twice a week, for 1-2 hours at a time, for 4 to 10 weeks, depending on their needs and exam dates.

While tutors have prepared materials, including lessons, homework, and practice exams, each sessions and schedule is completely tailored to meets each students’ individual needs


What is Scored Perfect?
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Only Perfect Tutors

Our philosophy is simple: we simply only hire tutors who can repeatedly score perfect on the ASVAB. No other ASVAB tutoring organization maintains this remarkably high standard. While our ASVAB tutors could frankly teach ASVAB prep anwyhere, they are here because of our unique focus on helping each student succeed.

While other ASVAB prep companies push large classes, our experience shows that nothing raises an ASVAB score higher or faster than one-on-one tutoring. In other words, we attract tutors who love watching their students succeed and who, of course, have scored perfect.

Request a Free Trial
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Convenient Online Meetings

Our state-of-the-art online meetings allow students to work with the best ASVAB tutors in country in way that is truly better than face to face. Not only can students and tutors see and talk with each other in real-time, but they can work through work through problems on virtual white board.

Our ASVAB tutors love the online meetings because they can instantly load videos, powerpoints, animations, practice exams and more directly into the meeting room. Our students love that they receive a video of each session and PDFs of all of the work they did-so there's no need to take notes. But don't take our word for it. See what some of students have to say:

Core Curriculum Objectives

While each tutoring experience is customized to meet each student's needs, we also know exactly what it takes to get an amazing ASVAB score. As such we have core objectives that our proven to increase ASVAB scores quickly.


Concept Fundamentals: Even though at its heart, the ASVAB is a problem solving test, as signficant amount of knowledge is required. Our ASVAB tutors are prepared with lessons, homework, and practice problems specifically designed to help you master the key concepts and equations.


Practice Exams. In the end nothing matters beyond how well you perform on your ASVAB exam. As such,your tutor's primary goal will be to spend as much time "in the test" as possible. Additionally, we believe that the best source for practice ASVAB questions is actual past ASVAB exams.


Review To Perfection. If there's an overarching philosophy at Scored Perfect, it would be,"It's not practice that makes perfect, but perfect practice that makes perfect." Afer each practice ASVAB exam, your tutor will review that exam until you have essentially mastered each question.